Board Certified Family Law Specialization in Arizona

In the legal landscape of Tempe, Arizona, navigating family law matters can be complex and emotionally challenging. Families facing issues such as divorce, child custody disputes, property division, and spousal support often seek guidance and representation from specialized attorneys. Among these legal professionals, board certification in family law stands out as a hallmark of expertise and commitment to excellence.

What is Board Certification?

Board certification is a rigorous process designed to identify attorneys who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge, skill, and proficiency in their area of practice. In the realm of family law, attorneys pursue certification to showcase their competence and dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for their clients.




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The Importance of Board Certification

For individuals and families in Tempe navigating legal challenges, choosing a board-certified family law specialist offers several distinct advantages:

  1. Expertise and Experience: Board-certified attorneys, including Tempe Divorce Lawyer, undergo rigorous testing and evaluation by their peers and legal experts. This process ensures that they possess advanced knowledge and extensive experience in handling complex family law matters.
  2. Commitment to Professionalism: Certification signifies a commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional integrity. Clients can trust that their attorney adheres to a strict code of ethics while advocating for their best interests.
  3. Recognition of Excellence: Achieving board certification is a mark of distinction within the legal community. It acknowledges the attorney’s exceptional skills and dedication to continuous improvement in family law practice.

The Certification Process

In Arizona, board certification in family law is granted by the State Bar of Arizona’s Board of Legal Specialization. Attorneys seeking certification must meet stringent criteria, including:

  • Substantial Experience: Candidates must demonstrate a substantial involvement in family law practice, including handling a diverse range of cases.
  • Peer Review: Attorneys undergo evaluation by their peers, who assess their legal knowledge, courtroom skills, and professional conduct.
  • Examination: Successful candidates must pass a comprehensive examination that tests their proficiency in family law principles, procedures, and ethical considerations.

Benefits for Clients

Clients who choose a board-certified family law specialist in Tempe can expect:

  • In-Depth Legal Knowledge: Attorneys with certification possess in-depth knowledge of Arizona family law statutes, precedents, and local court procedures.
  • Effective Advocacy: They are adept at formulating strategic legal strategies tailored to each client’s unique circumstances, aiming for favorable resolutions through negotiation or litigation.
  • Peace of Mind: Clients benefit from working with a trusted legal advisor who prioritizes their well-being and strives to achieve the best possible outcomes in their family law matters.

DM Cantor: Leading Family Law Specialists in Tempe

At DM Cantor, our team of board-certified family law specialists in Tempe is dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation and personalized client service. With a proven track record of success in handling complex family law cases, including divorce, child custody disputes, adoption, and domestic violence matters, we stand ready to advocate for your rights and interests.

Client-Centered Approach

We understand that family law issues can be emotionally charged and impactful on individuals and families. That’s why our approach emphasizes:

  • Compassion and Understanding: We listen attentively to our clients’ concerns, offering compassionate guidance and support throughout the legal process.
  • Customized Strategies: Every case is unique, and we develop tailored legal strategies designed to achieve optimal results based on our clients’ specific goals and priorities.

Our Practice Areas

DM Cantor’s board-certified family law specialists in Tempe provide comprehensive legal services in various areas, including:

  • Divorce and Legal Separation: Assisting clients with dissolution of marriage, division of marital assets, spousal support, and post-divorce modifications.
  • Child Custody and Support: Advocating for parents’ rights in custody disputes and ensuring fair child support arrangements that prioritize children’s well-being.
  • Paternity and Parentage: Resolving issues related to paternity establishment and parental rights and responsibilities.
  • Domestic Violence Protection: Helping victims secure protective orders and navigating legal remedies for domestic violence situations.

Why Choose a Board-Certified Specialist?

Choosing a board-certified family law specialist at DM Cantor means partnering with a legal advocate who is:

  • Highly Qualified: Our attorneys have demonstrated superior knowledge, experience, and proficiency in family law practice.
  • Client-Focused: We prioritize our clients’ needs and objectives, striving to achieve outcomes that protect their rights and promote their best interests.
  • Results-Driven: With a commitment to excellence and a proven track record of success, we pursue favorable resolutions through skillful negotiation and vigorous courtroom advocacy.


In Tempe, Arizona, navigating family law matters requires the guidance of a skilled and experienced attorney. Board certification in family law distinguishes attorneys who have achieved exceptional competence and dedication to their practice. At DM Cantor, our board-certified family law specialists are committed to providing superior legal representation and personalized client service. Whether you are facing divorce, child custody disputes, or other family law challenges, we are here to advocate for you with compassion, integrity, and unwavering dedication to achieving positive outcomes.

For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified family law specialists in Tempe, please contact us today. Let us help you navigate your family law journey with confidence and peace of mind.

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